About the Show

This podcast is produced by the Learning Technology and Innovation team at Thompson Rivers University to provide just-in-time teaching and learning encouragement and support to our campus community during Fall 2020.

The crisis presented by Covid-19 has necessitated the move to remote learning for most TRU faculty and students; we know these unprecedented times have been tremendously taxing for everyone. But we also know a lot about our community: we know you care about your students and colleagues, and we know that you want to make this semester a positive experience.

You got this.

This podcast is designed to support you when you need it with weekly episodes offering tips, advice, insights, and conversations with folks from across our campus community.

About Your Host

Brenna Clarke Gray is Coordinator, Educational Technologies at TRU. Before moving into faculty support, she was an English instructor and comics scholar at a community college for nine years. Her research interests include open tenure processes, educational technologies as care work, and podcasting as a scholarly medium. Her non-research interests include Fraggles (esp. Doozers), weekend baking projects, and gin. You can find her on Twitter: @brennacgray.